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14k Yellow Gold Victorian Garnet Cornucopia Fob Pendant Necklace

14k Yellow Gold Victorian Garnet Cornucopia Fob Pendant Necklace

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5.00 oz
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14k Yellow Gold Victorian Style Garnet Cornucopoia Fob Pendant Necklace. Not sure if this fob is Period Victorian or Victorian Style. The estate this came from had many pieces of jewelry made from Vintage pieces. Regardless... This is a beautiful necklace. 14k gold chain measures 19.5" long. The 14k Cornucopia Pendant drop is 1 1/4" from the chain. It has four 4mm pearls. The horn measures approx 1 1/4" long x 1/4" at its widest section. Total weighs is 5.9 grams. The Cornucopia has little garnets set in it. The center stone has some a little glue residue or dirt around it visible to me only with a jewelers loupe.Im afraid to scrub it because I don't want to mess the stone up.  I cant see it with the naked eye and you probably can't either unless you have a bionic eye, lol. This is a lovely piece in Excellent condition. .  

  • Material = Yellow Gold
  • Jewelry Length = 18 1/2"
  • Gemstone = Garnet
  • Material = 14k
  • Weight = 5.9
  • Condition = Excellent

Item ID: 33981

Category: Necklace

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