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Antique Victorian Gold-Filled Mesh Sliding Bracelet ~ Wedding Bracelet

Antique Victorian Gold-Filled Mesh Sliding Bracelet ~ Wedding Bracelet

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  • Antique-Victorian-Gold-Filled-Mesh-Sliding-Bracelet--Wedding-Bracelet_33363B.jpg
  • Antique-Victorian-Gold-Filled-Mesh-Sliding-Bracelet--Wedding-Bracelet_33363C.jpg
  • Antique-Victorian-Gold-Filled-Mesh-Sliding-Bracelet--Wedding-Bracelet_33363D.jpg
  • Antique-Victorian-Gold-Filled-Mesh-Sliding-Bracelet--Wedding-Bracelet_33363E.jpg
  • Antique-Victorian-Gold-Filled-Mesh-Sliding-Bracelet--Wedding-Bracelet_33363F.jpg
  • Antique-Victorian-Gold-Filled-Mesh-Sliding-Bracelet--Wedding-Bracelet_33363G.jpg
  • Antique-Victorian-Gold-Filled-Mesh-Sliding-Bracelet--Wedding-Bracelet_33363H.jpg
  • Antique-Victorian-Gold-Filled-Mesh-Sliding-Bracelet--Wedding-Bracelet_33363I.jpg
  • Antique-Victorian-Gold-Filled-Mesh-Sliding-Bracelet--Wedding-Bracelet_33363J.jpg


10.00 oz
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Fabulous Antique Victorian Gold-Filled Mesh Sliding Bracelet ~ Wedding Bracelet in Exceptional Condition for its age. It is only missing two tiny balls on the fringe. The top is a three tone gold having white gold flowers, Leaves in a high shine yellow gold and the background in an acid etched type matte finish yellow gold. The gold finish on this piece is in amazing condition. Top is approx 1" and the mesh is 1/2" wide.  Measurement is shown at its largest size so it will fit a bigger wrist. Adjustable down to tiny but with a long amount of mesh hanging. I'm sure a jeweler could make this whatever smaller size you want with however much you would like hanging down. This is a stunning piece!

  • Era/Period = Victorian
  • Material = Gold Filled
  • Jewelry Length = Adjustable
  • Condition = Excellent
  • Condition = Preowned
  • Weight = 34g

Item ID: 33363

Category: Bracelet

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