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The Holiday Express Animated Train G Scale ADD ON CARS 380-1, 380-2, 380-3,380-4

The Holiday Express Animated Train G Scale ADD ON CARS 380-1, 380-2, 380-3,380-4

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192.00 oz
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The Holiday Express Animated Train Set G SCALE ~ ADD ON CARS That go with New Bright The Holiday Express Animated Train Set #380 that we are offering in another eBay listing. The ADD ON CARS you are bidding on are 380-1 The Post Office Car, 380-2 Water Tanker Skating Car, 380-3 Bakery Car , 380-4 Log Mill Wood Car. Boxes show wear from storage and have an attic scent but they are in Excellent Condition. Three of the cars come with 2 pieces of extra track for adding to the 380 model train set. The 380-1 ~  I don't believe ever came with additional track as there is no storage for it like the other car boxes and it is not written on the box that it includes track like the others.

  • Era/Period = 1997
  • Brand = New Bright
  • Condition = Preowned

Item ID: 36586

Category: Train/Accessories

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