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Vintage 1920s Flapper Cloche Hat Shimmering Dark Taupe Crepe Velour flowers

Vintage 1920s Flapper Cloche Hat Shimmering Dark Taupe Crepe Velour flowers

  • Vintage-1920s-Flapper-Cloche-Hat-Shimmering-Dark-Taupe-Crepe-Velour-flowers_35756A.jpg
  • Vintage-1920s-Flapper-Cloche-Hat-Shimmering-Dark-Taupe-Crepe-Velour-flowers_35756B.jpg
  • Vintage-1920s-Flapper-Cloche-Hat-Shimmering-Dark-Taupe-Crepe-Velour-flowers_35756C.jpg
  • Vintage-1920s-Flapper-Cloche-Hat-Shimmering-Dark-Taupe-Crepe-Velour-flowers_35756D.jpg
  • Vintage-1920s-Flapper-Cloche-Hat-Shimmering-Dark-Taupe-Crepe-Velour-flowers_35756E.jpg
  • Vintage-1920s-Flapper-Cloche-Hat-Shimmering-Dark-Taupe-Crepe-Velour-flowers_35756F.jpg
  • Vintage-1920s-Flapper-Cloche-Hat-Shimmering-Dark-Taupe-Crepe-Velour-flowers_35756G.jpg
  • Vintage-1920s-Flapper-Cloche-Hat-Shimmering-Dark-Taupe-Crepe-Velour-flowers_35756H.jpg
  • Vintage-1920s-Flapper-Cloche-Hat-Shimmering-Dark-Taupe-Crepe-Velour-flowers_35756I.jpg
  • Vintage-1920s-Flapper-Cloche-Hat-Shimmering-Dark-Taupe-Crepe-Velour-flowers_35756J.jpg
  • Vintage-1920s-Flapper-Cloche-Hat-Shimmering-Dark-Taupe-Crepe-Velour-flowers_35756K.jpg
  • Vintage-1920s-Flapper-Cloche-Hat-Shimmering-Dark-Taupe-Crepe-Velour-flowers_35756L.jpg
  • Vintage-1920s-Flapper-Cloche-Hat-Shimmering-Dark-Taupe-Crepe-Velour-flowers_35756M.jpg


17.00 oz
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Vintage 1920s Flapper Cloche Hat Shimmering Dark Taupe or a Copper Satin? Crepe with Velour flowers. I'm not an expert on fabrics at all. But this hat is so cool I had to list it. Inside a little note attached said that it was worn on her wedding day March 23, 1926. In very good condition for its age of almost 100 years. Still very wearable. Has a some flowers missing as you can see in the photos and some edge wear as shown. Not sure at all how to measure the size. I measures around the inside with a tape measure following the edge of the lining and its a little over 8.5". Measuring across it. It is 6.5" x 6.25". The mannequin head is a 8.5" and it fits easily, not tight. Hope that helps.   

  • Brand = Unknown
  • Color = Copper
  • Material = Satin or Silk?
  • Pattern = Floral

Item ID: 35756

Category: Hat

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