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Vintage Evergleam 124 Branch 8 FT Stainless Aluminum Christmas Tree in orig box

Vintage Evergleam 124  Branch 8 FT Stainless Aluminum Christmas Tree in orig box

  • Vintage-Evergleam-124--Branch-8-FT-Stainless-Aluminum-Christmas-Tree-in-orig-box_36588A.jpg
  • Vintage-Evergleam-124--Branch-8-FT-Stainless-Aluminum-Christmas-Tree-in-orig-box_36588B.jpg
  • Vintage-Evergleam-124--Branch-8-FT-Stainless-Aluminum-Christmas-Tree-in-orig-box_36588C.jpg
  • Vintage-Evergleam-124--Branch-8-FT-Stainless-Aluminum-Christmas-Tree-in-orig-box_36588D.jpg
  • Vintage-Evergleam-124--Branch-8-FT-Stainless-Aluminum-Christmas-Tree-in-orig-box_36588E.jpg
  • Vintage-Evergleam-124--Branch-8-FT-Stainless-Aluminum-Christmas-Tree-in-orig-box_36588F.jpg


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Evergleam 124  Branch 8 FT Stainless Aluminum Christmas Tree Vintage in original box with sleeves and stand. Box is in poor condition as can be seen in the photos but this tree is a beauty! Has 124 branches. Big Full Tree that is just beautiful! The tree top branch someone smartly marked on the sleeve "top" so you know which one it is as its a little shorter than all the rest. The paper on the poles has been taped. I have an aluminum tree that I use every year and I removed all the paper and painted it in silver paint and you could easily do the same but its fine as is. If you are looking for a nice tree.... You just found it!

  • Era/Period = Vintage
  • Brand = Evergleam
  • Material = Aluminum
  • Condition = Preowned

Item ID: 36588

Category: Christmas

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